BoB believes partnership working provides better services’

BoB believes recovery is an individual choice’

‘BoB says that nobody is beyond help’

BoB thinks community is the key to successful recovery

Build on Belief – Charity Trustee/Director recruitment

Build on Belief – Charity Trustee/Director recruitment

Role Briefing


Would you like to bring your skills and expertise to become a volunteer trustee/Director for a small but enthusiastic peer-focussed charity that is making a difference to the quality of life for people with a history of drug and alcohol problems across London?

♦ Do you believe there is no one single solution to helping people with drug and alcohol dependency and addiction?

♦ Do you think that people who are seeking to rebuild their lives ought to be able to enjoy the qualities of life that many of us take for granted?

♦ Are you committed to tackling social inequality and diversity challenges?

♦ Do you have you ‘lived experience’ of addiction or dependency, whether yourself or through family, friends or colleagues?

♦ Do you have professional skills and expertise in either legal, HR, social housing or employment & training?

♦ Would you be willing to give at least one evening every two months to attend Board meetings in Earls Court?


If you answered yesto some of these then you fit the profile of the type of person who could bring essential knowledge and skills to our development and governance.

BoB enhances the quality of life for service users and volunteers

BoB aims to give people somewhere to go when scarce and pressurised mainstream drug and alcohol services are closed or cannot help. Many of our drop-in services run at the weekend. We aim to give our service users access to opportunities that they cannot obtain through the conventional treatment system. Music workshops, sports clubs, arts, alternative therapies, food and drink, and a strong sense of community are just some of the things on offer to anyone who visits us.BoB now offers a recovery café, CBT support group and sports clubs during the week time as well.

Currently we operate a “pyramid” like structure, where we recruit volunteers from our service users, and our managers from our volunteer pool, once trained. Both our CEO and several members of the Board have lived experience and have been through the treatment system. This fairly ‘unique’ structure, we believe, gives a high level of peer led understanding of needs and responses.

Our organisation is intentionally designed to complement other professional service providers and we very much aim to work in partnership with all other local providers and organisations.  We see ourselves as the cement between the bricks of the treatment system.We genuinely believe that the support of peers is an essential ingredient to longer-term recovery and personal growth.

BoB started off with a single drop-in service in Kensington & Chelsea, and is now running services in Ealing, Hillingdon, Harrow, Hammersmith & Fulham and Newham. Our annual turnover is circa £500k and we employ two full-time senior staff and about ten part-time local managers.

Most of our services are funded through sub-contracted arrangements to larger treatment provider organisations that value what we bring to the table. But inevitably, this is a fragile funding environment we find ourselves in and the Board is keen to find ways to improve our sustainability.
We are looking for volunteers to join us on our Board of Trustees/Directorsthat currently meets once every two months on the first Tuesday evening between 6:00pm and 8pm. Additionally we hope you might be able to give a few additional hours each month for carrying out board tasks and supporting our CEO and Operations Manager in your field of expertise.

We are looking to recruit to our board trustees who will be engaged, productive, enthusiastic, approachable, friendly and add-value to our existing skill set with your own professional skills. We also aim to actively deliver on our commitment to continue diversifying our Board, staffing and volunteering profile because we know that we are not yet representative of local and treatment communities. So we want to redress this through this recruitment. We look to you to ensure you fully participate to enable the Board to provide effective governance oversight and strategic direction and provide practical support to our CEO in his leadership and the Operations Manager and local staff in managing our activities.

This role offers a good opportunity for someone interested in a grass-roots London charity, board or senior management or a new charity where you will be able to add real value and have a crucial input using your interest and professional skills to help the organisation flourish and develop.


Role responsibilities

♦  Attend and contribute to Board (six evening meetings a year) and related meetings and share in decision making about all significant issues that impact on BoB;

♦  Monitor the implementation of BoBsstrategy;

♦  Oversee BoBswork, ensuring that risks are managed, assets are protected and resources are well used;

♦  Act as custodian of BoBsvalues and long-term future, ensuring that the organisation is complying with its constitution, and is managed prudently and lawfully;

♦  Provide support and challenge to BoBs Chief Executive particularly drawing on your own areas of professional expertise;

♦  Using contacts and networks to help BoB grow and develop and to be an active ambassador for the organisation;

♦  Other duties required and expected of a Trustee/Company Directorincluding task groups and occasional visits to services.


Qualities Required

Trustees are expected to:

♦  Share BoBsvalues and aspirations along with having empathy with those seeking to rebuild their lives;

♦  Have the professional skills, life experience and personal qualities that we require to form an effective and diverse Board;

♦  Have an ability to work in small groups and teams, for example on task groups;

♦  Demonstrate a willingness to adhere to the BoBCode of Conduct;

♦  Be able to fully discharge the legal requirements of being a trustee and company director.

Whilehaving some lived experience of substance misuse, personally or through family, friends or colleagues, would be desirable it is not an essentialrequirement for becoming a trustee.


Experience Required

Experience of charity governance or an interest in gaining that experience,

And expertise in one or more of the following areas:

♦  Human Relations;

♦ Legal affairs;

♦  Employment or training services;

♦  Social housing provision;

♦  Charity fundraising;

How to Apply

Interested applicants should submit a short CV outlining your relevant experience, knowledge, skills and qualities, with a statement about why you are interested in this role,to our Chair, Roger Howard by Monday 15 January

Please include details of 2 referees who have known you for at least three years (references will only be taken for people we decide to appoint).


Interviews and Appointment of Trustees

♦  We aim to be flexible with interview dates so as to include early evenings, but aim to hold them in mid to late January 2018.

♦  If you need any particular support if you are invited to an interview, then please make this clear in your supporting statement.

♦  Those appointed as Trustees/Directors will be provided with a full induction.

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