Below you will find two links to the ‘Build on Belief’ Impact Evaluation 2014. The report is split into two sections, the evaluation conducted with Service Users and the evaluation conducted with the Build on Belief Volunteers. It is the first such impact evaluation by a peer run organisation that measures the recovery journeys of the individuals accessing the services described within.

Each report is has three main sections, the first looking at the physical and mental health, educational background and relationship status of the interviewee. Personal demographics for want of an expression. . .

The second section looks at substance use (where applicable, some individuals being abstinent and in ‘recovery’) as well as their relationship with local service providers and overall treatment journeys.

The third section looks at the impact of their access to ‘Build on Belief’ services, either as a service user or a volunteer, and measures the effect of their use of our peer run services on their health and wellbeing.

The overall results show a group of individuals with complex needs both accessing and running peer led services; a significant change in substance use patterns since the last Impact Evaluation in 2010, and the tremendous impact such services can have on not only the substance use of individuals, but also their health, wellbeing and recovery journeys. Take some time and have a look . . . the results were fascinating!

BoB Evaluation Volunteers 2014