BoB believes partnership working provides better services’

BoB believes recovery is an individual choice’

‘BoB says that nobody is beyond help’

BoB thinks community is the key to successful recovery


BoB’s Partners

From its inception in 2005 BoB has believed strongly in partnership working with local treatment providers and other relevant services. As a small and volunteer based charity we often utilize the buildings run by larger providers in return for our services, enabling those premises to be open seven days a week offering both therapeutic and socially based services to individuals who have, or have had substance use issues. BoB and the range of services it provides can be seen as ‘the cement between the bricks of the treatment system.’

We are proud of the partnerships we have forged over the years and feel it is only fair to recognise those whose joint working enables us to provide our unique and expanding socially based peer run services.


Our oldest and most longstanding partnership began in 2006 with the Blenheim Project as it was then known, and continues to this day at Acorn Hall, the northern hub in Kensington and Chelsea run by Blenheim/CDP. It is from their premises that the original, and still biggest, of our Weekend Social Clubs is run. From the beginning there has been a close co-operation between the two organisations. Our Weekend Services Manager attends the BCDP meeting twice a month to liaise with the staff over everything from where to store the drum kit, forthcoming events and all the little operational issues that can arise with two such different organisations running services from the same premises. We are delighted to have been part of a unique partnership that for eight years has allowed service users in Kensington and Chelsea to access a wide range of services seven days a week.


The biggest of our partnerships, we have been working with CNWL for more than three years. Our office is hosted by CNWL at Warwick Road, the southern hub in Kensington and Chelsea, right behind the Recovery Café we run on behalf of the partnership. This unique arrangement has forged a strong link with their staff team and the other members of the treatment services working in the south, creating an indivisible link between the service providers (from Care Managers, Area and Hub Managers, Recovery Workers, Doctors and Nurses) and our service user charity which again and again has enabled service users to receive a wrap-around service you are unlikely to find anywhere else in London. We also work with CNWL in both Ealing and Kingston where BoB is a member of the local partnership.


We have been working with CRI on and off for a period of four years. They hosted our office for eighteen months in Kensington and Chelsea before we moved premised two years ago. CRI are the lead member for the partnership in the borough of Ealing and BoB is working closely with them in the development and running of a Recovery Café there.  The café is open seven days a week Monday – Friday 10.00am – 3.00pm, Saturday and Sunday 11.00am – 3.00pm this is wholly service user driven.


We are pleased to announce our partnership with WDP in Harrow; we are looking forward to working with them as this is the first time we will have collaborated with them. We hope, as with the other service providers mentioned above, this will be the beginning of a fruitful and long lasting partnership.  We will be opening a weekend BoB service Recovery café which will be launching soon.  Hours and activities will be confirmed soon.