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As you all know, Build on Belief aims to work with the wider community in order to support people struggling with drug, alcohol and mental health problems, and also as a means of challenging the stigma faced by such people insociety at large. For many months we have been supported by a local supermarket in Ealing, who have not only donated food to our local project but have generously helped us to raise funds. The supermarket has recently been re-opened as a southern Co-operative supermarket and we were invited to attend their launch and cut the ribbon!
It was touching to see how sincere and generous all of the staff were in their support for our charity. This showed in their genuine sadness on learning of the recent death of a service user who had regularly shopped in the store.
Along with inviting us to cut the ribbon (now I know how the Queen feels!) they also made a donation of five hundred pounds to the charity, which we will use to fund a series of art and drama based workshops. Their kind support for the work we do is a wonderful demonstration of a simple truth; we are not as alone in this world as we sometimes feel, and that there are people out there who care enough to help support us all in our individual journeys toward recovery and a better life. Build on Belief would like to thank you all and give you a big, collective hug!