David Hibbert: Service Manager


David Hibbert

David Hibbert

Hello my name is David Hibbert. I have been involved with Build on Belief for the past five years. A few years ago I came to what was then called the “Service Users Drug Reference Group” at 321 Portobello Road, where there was a busy peer-run weekend service. I wasn’t sure at first what I thought about it and for a while, I remained unsure.

After some time accessing the SUDRG weekend service I started to engage with the Art Workshop and was able to turn the sentence “I can’t” into “I can” as I began to draw and paint. This was the start of a colourful and creative journey. I then had an interview and started volunteering. I then worked my way up to Shadow Team Leader, after an enthusiastic few months I then worked my way up to Team Leader.
“Real life wasn’t so bad!”
I then went for one of the manager’s post in Newham and was successful in getting the job. Build on Belief shows that people can change and literally ‘build on belief!’

E-MAIL TO: davidhibbert@buildonbelief.org.uk
TELEPHONE ON: 07872 002245