Open every Saturday and Sunday from 11 – 4pm

  44 Bessborough Road Harrow HA1 3DJ

Contact details: 07522 128 844 07872 002 248

Coffee Mornings

Monday & Tuesday 10am – 12pm
Thursday 1.30pm – 2.30pm
Friday 10.30am – 1.00 pm


BoB in Harrow has two new managers and a brand-new service.

We have revamped the way things are run and there is a lot more input from the clients as to what they would like to see happening. Why not come along and help us create a service build by you and for you!

We have toasted sandwiches along with biscuits, crisps and other goodies to nibble on whilst maybe playing scrabble or a game of cards.  On a Sunday, we try to do something hot to eat which can range from beans on toast to a delicious curry.

Getting ready for party

Getting ready for party

When you first walk in you will find that the people who are already attending are very open and warm and welcoming.  The Managers and volunteers have all been where you are, and we all understand the importance of being supported by our peers: in fact, we hope that you would like to come and join our family –  a home away from home!

We offer a range of services. You can have a one to one chat with the staff; we understand that at the weekends it can be very difficult to find someone to talk to who understanding the difficulties of struggling with substance use problems and can lend a willing ear. If you feel you need some professional help, or simply wish to know more about the options available to you, we can help.

BoB volunteers are often people who have had their own problems with drugs, alcohol and mental health, and all our service managers were once volunteers.

If you would be interested in volunteering at the weekend,please let either Helen or myself know. You will receive in house training, travel expenses, lunch, support, supervision and a great deal of encouragement from your peers.




Guitar Lessons 11.30am-2pm

Ever had an interest in learning to play guitar? Come along on a Saturday and learn with Dereck! Guitars are provided, and all levels of ability are welcome


SMART Recovery 12pm-1pm

SMART (Self-management and Recovery Training) Recovery is a science-based programme to help people manage their recovery from any type of addictive behaviour. Our Sunday SMART group is open to all and provides CBT-based techniques to cope with and recover from addictive behaviour.

Manicures 1pm-3pm

Feeling down? Treat yourself to a free manicure courtesy of Emma

Comments Book

“BoB has aromatically transformed, it is now a relaxing atmosphere. The management have created a safe space and evolve the service users by letting us have a say in have structure of the day.”  BoB Volunteer

“Came to BoB about midday, had a good few hours. Friendly staff nice people. Good to get out of the house away from the stress. Nice volunteers”. E Z. (8th October)

“Came to BoB today at midday feeling quite low, but motivated enough to arrive. Spent two hours in the company of great people. Had such a good time and got lots of useful advice from Helen and Linda as well as Donna and Ray which will now assist me in my recovery. I’m so glad that I came today. I left feeling relaxed and uplifted. Excellent service user group. Many thanks for all involved today and for the healthy food provided.”    F (22nd October)

“I came to BoB today to see what it was all about and met a bunch of great people all full of energy and positivity. They fed me lots! I will defiantly be coming next week and go to the Halloween Party   T (23rd October)

“Feeling ill and Linda spoke to me and made me feel a little better. The Engage Conference 2016 was wicked really enjoyed the whole day” (29th October)

“Have been coming to BoB for a few months now and it has become a very happy place for me to be, especially as at present I am struggling and it really helped me to be around such people, who are always up for a chat and advice if you need it. Very pleased BoB has come to Harrow and the staff we now have are doing a very good job.” K 29th October)

“Halloween was a real scream, and I enjoyed dressing up and the decorations. I still think first prize was mine!” M (30th October)