BoB believes partnership working provides better services’

BoB believes recovery is an individual choice’

‘BoB says that nobody is beyond help’

BoB thinks community is the key to successful recovery


How to Volunteer

Volunteering for BoB is easy! Have a look at our services and decide which one you think you would like to volunteer for. On that page you will see a telephone number for the manager of that service. Give them a ring – they are very friendly!

You will be invited to come and have a look at the service and be shown around before undertaking the friendliest interview you have ever had! You are free to choose the days to volunteer that most suit you (dependent on the opening times of each service of course) and how often you wish to volunteer. BoB’s your uncle! It really is as simple as that.

BoB welcomes individuals wishing to volunteer who have had a substance use issue themselves. We have no requirements as to how long you have to be substance free before volunteering, and we are quite happy for people who are scripted and stable to volunteer. Our only requirements with regard to substance use are that you are not taking illegal drugs (simply because it is against the law) and you are not dependent on a non-prescribed substance.

However you do not need to have had a problem with drugs or alcohol to volunteer with us. We have had many students, individuals with disabilities, as well as young people and members of the local community. If you wish you join us we are happy to talk to you. BoB firmly believes that passion and commitment is all that you require, and we have a firm policy of non-discrimination with regard to both volunteers and service users.

Criminal Record Checks

There are a couple of points we do need to make though. BoB does not CRB check those general volunteers working in a group environment with other people. However, in your interview we will ask you to discuss any criminal convictions you might have.

As a service user charity, and one that passionately believes anyone can choose to change their lives for the better and has the right to try, we are extremely understanding when it comes to people having criminal convictions. In the vast majority of cases criminal convictions will not affect your ability to volunteer.

A large number of us have criminal records from the days when we were struggling with substance use issues. It is neither a problem nor anything to be embarrassed about.

We do however expect you to be honest when discussing either criminal convictions or pending court cases. It is important to understand that should we discover at a later date you have lied in your interview (and you might be surprised at how often we find out!) it may well lead to us terminating your position as a volunteer.

Should this be the case, it might well not be related to the offence itself, but simply because you have lied – and we are an organisation that believes in honesty and transparency.


There are very few criminal offences that mean you would be unable to volunteer for us, but there are a few categories of criminal offence that mean we would be unable to offer you a position. These include:

Any convictions for offences related to children

Any convictions for sexual offences

Any convictions for serious violent offences or repeated convictions for violent offences

A Couple of Interesting Points about Volunteering with Build on Belief

BoB was designed, implemented and is run by service users and ex-service users. We believe that if you are committed as a volunteer, then you are worth being employed if, and when the opportunity arises. With that in mind, BoB only recruits from within its own volunteer team, and from within the local service group of any borough it is commissioned to work in. We would not recruit from outside unless we were unable to fill a post through the above criteria. In its eight year history, BoB has only ever recruited from within its own volunteer team, or from a local service user group. How cool is that? BoB requires everyone employed by the charity to undertake an enhanced CRB check.

Elsewhere on the website you will find a copy of the Volunteer Handbook. If you have a look you will notice that BoB has a promotional structure for the volunteers. There are lots of different roles in the organisation, intended to help individuals fulfil their potential. Should you become a Team Leader or a Supervisor you will also be required to undergo an enhanced CRB check. This is required simply because you will be working at times on a one to one basis with both service users and other volunteers.

And lastly . . . . . . . . . .

Don’t let any of the above put you off from volunteering. As mentioned earlier, a great many of us have criminal records. It might be worth mentioning that in our eight year history we have only had to turn away two potential volunteers because of their criminal convictions.

Still not sure? Don’t worry! Why not give me a ring and have a chat. I am always happy to talk to people and believe me I have had hundreds of these conversations over the years. My name is Tim Sampey and I have the Chief Operations Officer for Build on Belief. You can contact me via e-mail on or ring me on  077 3979 6054