Kay France: Service Manager

Weekend Service Manager ‘Coach House’ Hammersmith and Fulham

I have been with B.O.B for just over 6 years now and it’s been an incredible journey for me. It’s been amazing to see how much we have grown as an organisation, the people’s lives that have been changed for the better including my own. I started as a volunteer and for nearly four years now I have been a manager. When we became a charity and Tim changed our name from Sudrg to Build on Belief I thought how fitting the name was because that’s exactly what we are all about. An organisation that believes that people can change, a place that helps people rebuild confidence, and find the self-esteem they lost whilst in addiction. A renewed belief in themselves, new foundations to help build themselves up again,  some pessimists might say  people can’t change but they are wrong Build On Belief proves people can change you just have to believe in them so they can believe in themselves.

E-MAIL TO: kayfrance@buildonbelief.org.uk
TELEPHONE ON: 077 3979 6047