BoB believes partnership working provides better services’

BoB believes recovery is an individual choice’

‘BoB says that nobody is beyond help’

BoB thinks community is the key to successful recovery


Mission Statement

The BoB vision has two major aspects. Firstly, it is intended to support service users in the design, implementation and delivery of a range of services that are, by and large socially based. These services are to be run and ‘owned’ by their service users and are intended to help volunteers and service users’ alike move forward with their individual recovery from substance use. Although it is fair to say we specialize in weekend services, it is considered within out remit to operate such services where, and whenever possible. While such services are intended to be ‘highly supportive’ and drug and alcohol specific, with a wide range of advice and information and support available to both volunteers and service users, they are not intended to offer therapeutic interventions in any form. We believe this to be the province of current service providers.

BoB weekend and evening services can be broadly considered to have the following purposes:

• To offer the above (especially at evenings and weekends) to individuals with substance use issues whether they are yet to engage with the treatment system, are receiving treatment, or have exited the treatment system. Our remit can be considered to ‘top and tail’ current service provision.

• To remain a service user driven, volunteer based organisation. Whenever possible it is intended that 75% of our volunteers are, or have been service users.

• All paid posts that arise in these services are to be offered to the service users volunteering for them when and whenever possible. We keep employment in-house as much as is possible within current employment law.

• To regularly revise and adapt the services we offer to meet the needs of the service users accessing them.

• To provide service user volunteers with a safe, supportive and family orientated environment intended to help them move forward in their recovery in a manner consistent with their own beliefs and needs.

• To provide service user volunteers with regular training intended not only to help them learn the skills necessary to run such services in a safe manner, but to encourage the personal development required to move forward in their individual journeys.

• To encourage the utilisation of the skills each individual brings to BoB in order to expand and improve the quality of our service provision.

• To help train and develop other service user groups outside of the SUDRG and Kensington and Chelsea to design and deliver such services themselves.

• To work with local service providers and any other relevant organisation to ensure the best possible outcome for service users engaging with the any service user project operating under the BoB umbrella.

Secondly, BoB intends to act as an umbrella organisation for other service user groups, enabling them to operate with a large degree of autonomy in providing local services, while operating within the aims and ethos of the charity. This is intended to achieve the following:

• The creation of a service user charity intended to support small service user groups across London in providing activities and services for individuals in recovery.

• To embed service user designed, run and implemented projects into service provision across London, as independent and self-sustaining entities under the BoB umbrella.



• We do not differentiate between those still struggling with substance use and those who are abstinent when it comes to the individuals accessing our services.

• We do not follow, promote or recommend one method of recovery to the exclusion of another, but consider all models to be equally valid.

• We believe in internal promotion, irrespective of whether the role is paid or voluntary. BoB will not recruit externally unless it can be clearly demonstrated that there is no other alternative.

• Although we are a voluntary organisation, BoB will, when possible, pay volunteers for work undertaken outside of their agreed role. We will always pay travel expenses and feed our volunteers, and are committed to not exploiting and individual’s skills or time.

• This organisation is intended to operate with the simple ethos, ‘We are family.’ This is considered central to the organisation.

• All paid members of the organisation are expected to volunteer their services at times.

• As a service user organisation we will take each volunteers situation, recovery, skills, personality and education into account at all times, and will place their wellbeing over the needs of BoB.

• As a service user organisation we will write and implement our own policies rather than conform to the perceived ‘industry standard’, while ensuring that we meet the standards necessitated by Health and Safety, Duty of Care and the Law.

• The well-being and personal development of our volunteers shall be considered as equally important as that of the service users accessing our services. BoB will strive to provide a highly supportive service for its volunteers at all times.

• The SUDRG believes in innovation and thoughtful experimentation when delivering services. Failure is sometimes a part of this process.

• BoB is not intended to compete with current service providers, but will work in partnership with all local agencies to the benefit of local service users. Our role is to expand treatment provision outside of the traditional remit, not to replicate existing services.