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BoB believes recovery is an individual choice’

‘BoB says that nobody is beyond help’

BoB thinks community is the key to successful recovery



The link between physical exercise and mental well-being has long been established. Exercise helps boost the body’s production of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. This can be of particular value for anyone in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction who may suffer from low moods or depression. What’s more the social benefits of exercise and the sense of structure and purpose it can offer are great for those in recovery.

Build on Belief runs two sports clubs in Kensington and Chelsea: the Badminton Club and the Gym and Swim Club.

Badminton Club

Location: Harrow Club, 187 Freston Road, W10 6TH (Near to Latimer Road tube station and can be accessed by Shalfleet Drive which is directly across from the station).

Opening times: Wednesdays 3-5pm, Sundays 3-5pm

All equipment is provided. You are advised to wear loose-fitting clothes and trainers. All levels welcome!

For further information contact Kevin on 07786 648039 or Liam on 07739 796045

BoB gym and swim club update

The build on belief (BoB) gym and swim club has now moved back to its original location at the Kensington leisure centre (KLC) following the reopening of the newly build leisure centre in the first week of April 2015. The new facility as you might expect is a state of the art facility and consequently we have seen a big increase in the number of RBKC service users becoming involving in our activities at the centre. However we know that there are still many service users who have not yet become involved either because they are not in the habit of using leisure centres or perhaps because they have personal reservations about their fitness levels. Don’t let that hold you back; we fully support each individual service user when they first attend our club and in some instances this will involve arranging for gym inductions with the centres gym instructors so that they can train you how to use the gym facilities properly and at the same time design a personal fitness programme for you to follow based on what you want to achieve such as losing weight or improving fitness levels etc.

Recovering from addiction can be a challenging and demanding experience for most of us and looking after our health and wellbeing is an important part of that recovery. That’s why our gym and swim club exists in the first place, it’s for you so come along and get involved.

Club details

We hold our weekly gym and swim club at the centre every Saturday morning from 9.30am -1.30pm and either myself or Kevin are always in the reception area. You can use the gym, pool or attend classes (aerobics) or mix them all together. Remember there is no time limit on your session, once in you can stay as long as you want. We also know from speaking with service users that some want to attend the centre more than once a week and in such instances we can support our clients to obtain discount leisure cards which allow the holders to attend at other times of the week at a reduced rate.

Getting involved.

In the first instance contact Liam on 07739 796045/ Kevin on 07786 648039 or just come along to centre on any Saturday morning between 9.30am-1.30pm.

Getting there.

Kensington leisure centre is located at Silchester road W10 6EX. The site is only about 5 minutes walk from Ladbroke grove down Lancaster road.

Local tube stations. Ladbroke grove station, Latimer road station, Holland park station. The centre is only about 5 minutes walk from any of these stations.

Local buses. 7, 23, 52,452,295,316.