Tim Sampey: Chief Operating Officer

Tim SampeyI have been a motorcycle courier. I have been a trial balance accountant. I have been a warehouse manager. I have been a drug addict. I have been a great many things. I have been on top of the mountain and so far down its slopes I thought the climb back up was impossible.

Today not only am I the father of a beautiful baby girl, but I am proud to run an organisation that I have been a part of since its inception and have helped to create. I am honoured to manage a charity that believes everyone is capable of amazing things given a little help and support, a charity that understands failure is often the first step toward success. Why do I do it? Because I build on belief both in myself and others. Because I can.

TELEPHONE ON: 077 3979 6054
E-MAIL TO: timsampey@buildonbelief.org.uk