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Volunteer Handbook Introduction

While volunteering does not need to be approached like rocket science, it does require both structure and clear ground-rules. As the SUDRG grew and developed it became clear that we needed a simple reference manual for staff and volunteers, and so our famous ‘DON’T PANIC!’ came into being.

The volunteer handbook is BoB’s complete guide to volunteering in a peer-run service. It is designed to help the volunteer to feel comfortable and confident in their role from the first day they step through the door right up to the top ranks of Team Leader or even Supervisor. If you are interested in volunteering you may find it interesting to browse through the handbook to learn more about the different roles on offer; if you are already volunteering it is essential reading. While it covers many of the necessary practicalities and precautions for volunteering we hope you will find it is easy to read and maybe even entertaining. Forget the latest best-selling novel, why not settle down with a cup of tea and a copy of the volunteer handbook!