What We Do

Anna fulfills a lifelong ambition to sing with a band.

Anna fulfills a lifelong ambition to sing with a band.

Build on Belief offers a range of socially based services for people who have, or have had alcohol and drug addiction issues; services run in the main by volunteers who have had problems themselves in the past. Services are designed to complement the existing treatment system, offering support, social interaction and a range of activities when there is often nowhere else for people to go, for example at the weekends. This can be a lonely and difficult time if you are in recovery and don’t know how to fill your time. The experience of addiction is often isolating and one of the main challenges in moving forward in your life is making new friends and building a good support network. BoB runs a number of social clubs in London where people with drug and alcohol problems (service users) can come and meet others in a similar situation.

As the addiction experience can be all-consuming, it’s also really important to find new interests that help to fill the void many people are faced with in early recovery. With this in mind BoB runs a range of sports, art and music workshops and clubs that provide the opportunity to try something new, meet new people, have fun and maybe even fulfil a lifelong ambition to play in a rock and roll band or try out yoga. We provide an open-minded and supportive atmosphere that gives people the confidence to try out new activities and find a sense of purpose and belonging. Often people who come along to our social clubs feel a sense of belonging they have not had for a long time if ever. Some of us feel like we are part of a family.

It’s not just service users who benefit from BoB’s services but also the volunteers who run the services. Most volunteers have been service users themselves and understand how hard it can be to overcome addiction issues. They bring a great deal of enthusiasm and enormous heart to the role of volunteer and many find their lives are transformed by it. Volunteering itself can be a huge step forward in a person’s recovery, offering a sense of purpose, a boost to self-esteem, the opportunity to learn new skills and take on responsibilities, and to give something positive to other people.

Whether service user or volunteer, BoB aims to provide safe and non-judgmental spaces where people who are often vulnerable and isolated can re-discover themselves and start to make positive changes for the future. Recovery can be tough and that is why BoB creates support networks that help people to get through it together, not alone. But BoB also recognises that recovery can be a time of great opportunity where people get to live the lives they have always dreamed of but perhaps have never had the support, encouragement or resources to fulfil. Miracles can happen and frequently do when you Build on Belief!