BoB believes partnership working provides better services’

BoB believes recovery is an individual choice’

‘BoB says that nobody is beyond help’

BoB thinks community is the key to successful recovery

What We Offer


BoB is a volunteer run and driven organisation and we take the welfare and needs of our volunteers very seriously. After all, without you there wouldn’t be an organisation! So read on, and have a look at some of the things we offer to those wonderful people who volunteer with us . . . . .

TRAVEL EXPENSES BoB pays travel expenses to all of our volunteers for every day that they volunteer. (We do not pay travel expenses to attend training since we provide the training for free, but we do try to provide training before our services open to minimise the expense to our volunteers.)

FOOD Although we are unable to fund volunteers for lunch, you are welcome to help yourselves to tea, coffee, drinks, sandwiches and fruit while you are at work.

TRAINING BoB provides a whole series of training workshops for its volunteers, designed to ensure that you are secure in your role, and to help us improve the quality of the services we offer. These can be especially useful as an introduction to people thinking about a career in the drugs field. You can read all about these workshops elsewhere on the website.

SUPERVISION You will receive regular supervision from one of our trained supervisors. This will be an hour long, one to one session, intended to allow you the time to reflect upon your experience as a volunteer. It is a safe and confidential space in which to look at your strengths and weaknesses, trouble shoot any difficulties you may be having, and examine ways in which BoB can help you in your role. Supervision is often also used to support an individual through any difficult patches they may be going through in their lives at any given time. After all, we are not only here to look after the people who access our services, but also each other.

RESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL BoB is totally committed to a policy of equal opportunity and non- discriminatory practice with regard to the individuals who work or volunteer for the organisation, and those who access its services. We are dedicated to treating everyone equally with regard to gender, race, sexuality, colour religion, ethnicity, cultural background, disability, class and pretty much anything else you can think of. We will endeavour to treat you as an individual, taking personal circumstances, strengths and weaknesses into account when dealing with you.

SUPPORT The majority of the people who volunteer for BoB have had their own problems with substance use. We will do our best to provide you with as much information and support as we are able with regard to external training and services, and will do our best to help you access these where possible. We are committed to the ideal of supporting our volunteers in both their individual recoveries and personal journeys, but we ask you to accept that while we will always do our best, we do have our limits and cannot guarantee success.

HELPING OTHERS As described elsewhere on the website, BoB runs a variety of social based services intended to support people who are dealing with substance use problems. Your role as a volunteer can be pivotal in helping someone to change their lives. Never underestimate the difference that you make. We have seen and heard hundreds of stories over the years from people whose support from BoB made all the difference, and it was down to you, the volunteer!

FAMILY Addiction is often a highly destructive process and it is not uncommon for people to be left feeling extremely isolated when undertaking the process of rebuilding their lives. For a great many of our volunteers their colleagues in BoB become an extended family and we encourage this. Everyone needs a place to belong!

SOCIAL EVENTS Volunteering can be great fun, but it can also be hard work, and we know that everyone needs time to relax and have some fun. BoB likes to get it’s volunteers together and socialise, whether at our annual volunteer awards ceremony; the annual sponsored cycle ride; our occasional gigs or simply a picnic in the park!